Sound Stage Rental

Sound Stage Rental

Sound Stage Rental with Green Screen in Detroit, MI

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Midwest Video’s facility near Detroit, Michigan contains a professional, 1800-square-foot sound stage and green screen that is available for rental.  This studio is an ideal location for commercials, television shows, corporate videos, and still photography.

  • Two cyclorama walls (one white, one chroma key green) provide a seamless backdrop for any shoot.
  • The sound stage is heated and air-conditioned, ensuring optimal comfortability.
  • A convenient makeup/dressing room is included, with options for additional ones available.
  • The high-clearance garage allows for transportation of large set pieces or shoots involving vehicles.
  • A green room, offices, and conference rooms are available in the Studio Plus package.
  • On-site lighting equipment is available for additional charge.
  • Equipment and experienced crew members are also available.

The standard rate is $400 per day based on a 10-hour shoot. Please contact us for special pricing on long-term projects.

For more information, please call 248-583-3630 or email .